What Good Leaders Do

Dec 21 Written By 

If you ask 30 people what the definition of leadership is, you’re likely to receive 40 different responses. This is partly because leadership isn’t binary. There are variations. Some people are positional leaders, and others are legacy leaders by birthright or past credibility. Regardless of type, all “good” leadership categories have common characteristics like responsibility or ownership, influence, and servitude.

I don’t claim to have leadership figured out, and I sometimes roll my eyes at the latest book or blog post about it. I have a family to care for, a few businesses to grow, and personal goals to pursue. So, I sometimes work (unsuccessfully) on the things I can control — like my actions and attitude.

A book I read a while ago gave me an excellent outline of what good leaders do. I’ve been thinking about these five things as I lead my household and work with the fantastic folks (partners and clients) I’m in business with.

A framework for what good leaders do:

  1. Sees a problem for what it is. (Ask “why?” several times.)
  2. Has a vision of what could be (Where there is a why, there is a way)
  3. Sets high standards for themselves first.
  4. Sets high standards for others.
  5. Takes action.