Calm Capital buys and invests in profitable companies with uncomplicated business models (simple enough for grandma to grasp). These companies possess durability, a strong client roster, a capable staff, and profitable earnings. Calm Capital works with selling-founders to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome, offering straightforward terms and a simple process.. 

The Calm Way

How we do things around here.

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Everything we do is done with steadfast intention and integrity. Calm Capital companies solve essential problems for their customers.

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We don’t hurry or rush. We don’t succumb to FOMO (fear of missing out). We think. We don’t react.

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We keep going with unrelenting optimism and continual improvement.

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We achieve results with an attitude of stewardship. Profitable businesses create long-term above average returns for its partners, team members and customers.

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We’re opportunistic long-term thinkers with no exit strategy.


Marty Balkema
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Co-founder, Managing Partner

Over the last 23 years, Marty has progressed from writing code as a software engineer to leading product teams across a wide variety of industries for companies like Mitsubishi Caterpillar and Lifetime Fitness. Building on these experiences, Marty co-founded and operated multiple software companies before starting Calm Capital with David.

Marty resides along the southern coast of North Carolina with his wife and four kids — where you’ll find him cruising on open water or putting on fast greens.

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David Horne
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Co-founder, Managing Partner

After a brief stint playing professional golf, David worked in marketing until going out on his own in 2008. Since then, he launched several startups and built a few creative agencies before co-founding Calm Capital.

David resides in his home state of North Carolina, bouncing between the Sandhills and the Outer Banks with his wife and two sons.

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